We want to welcome you to First Baptist Church of Silverhill. We hope you have visited our church and found a warm welcoming church where you would want to worship God. Perhaps you have been thinking about joining; however you are not sure what is involved in becoming a member. Please let us share with you how to join our church and meaning of church membership.

Joining The Church
Three Ways to Receive Members
1) A Follower of Jesus Christ (Click if you are interested in a relationship with Jesus as Lord.)
We believe that the church is not a building but a body of committed followers of Jesus Christ doing life together.  The first and most important step in any person’s life is receiving Jesus Christ as personal Lord, Savior, and Shepherd.   This decision is followed by believers baptism.  For more information on how to make this decision contact Pastor Tim by email: tim@fbcsilverhill.org or by phone: 251-945-5182.
2) Transfer of Membership
Individuals transfer their membership from another Baptist Church
  • He/she will present self as a candidate for membership by transfer of letter at the close of any regular worship service and share the pastor that he/she wishes to join the church by transfer of letter
  • Pastor will introduce candidate to church family who will rejoice in the decision
  • A letter card is sent by the candidate’s current church, stating that a transfer of membership has been granted to this church
3) Statement of Previous Profession of Faith and Baptism by Immersion
  • He/she will present self as a candidate for membership by “Statement of Faith” or for “Baptism by Immersion” to the pastor at the close of any regular worship service
  • A candidate may be a member of an evangelical church which proclaims the Gospel and immerses those who profess faith in Christ
  • This candidate may join by “Statement of Faith”, and baptism is not necessary since he/she has already been immersed as a believer in Jesus Christ.
  • Candidates from other denominations who have not been immersed will be received for baptism rather than by Statement of Faith
  • Southern Baptists coming from churches that have disbanded and cannot grant letters will be received by Statement of Faith.

Communicating Your Membership Decision

Once you have made the decision to join First Baptist Church of Silverhill you may request membership in one of several ways:

1.  Respond to Sunday morning Invitation – Walk to the front of the Worship Center during the invitation hymn near the end of each service.  You will indicate to the pastor that you desire to join FBC Silverhill.  The pastor will counsel you and pray with you regarding your commitment.

2.  Conference with the Pastor or Staff- If you would like, you may schedule a conference with the Pastor to talk about this decision by contacting the church office at 945-5182.

3.  New Membership Class – This is a class for guests seeking more information about who FBC Silverhill is and how to join; as well as, for those who have already started this process.  The class is a common entry point for all guests no matter their background and is essential for membership.  Membership at FBC Silverhill is completed at the Membership  class or guided in the process with the Pastor.  After completing this class or meeting with the Pastor (and following through on your baptism if applicable), your membership status will be complete.


 Expectations of Membership For information regarding the expectations of membership, read a copy of our church-covenant (click link to download). You can read Our doctrinal statements by clicking on the link.