At Silverhill we seek to lead individuals to discover their individual ministry and mission within the church, community, nationally, and internationally.  In DiscipleLife we help you discover your S.H.A.P.E. for your personal ministry.  In the material we will help you find the place that best fits how God has prepared you.  You will take a personal spiritual gifts inventory that will help discover your special spiritual gifts.  Secondly you will determine your heart beat or passions.  Thirdly you will lost out your abilities.  Fourth you will take a simple inventory to determine your personality traits, and finally you will reflect on your various life experiences that God can use in a ministry.

DiscipleLife will be offered once a quarter at various times.  If interested in signing up for the next class send us an email. Click Here to Send Email


If you are interested in serving, please fill out the form below and a Ministry Leader will get in touch with you to share with you the opportunities for the ministries you have expressed an interest.

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